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In my quest to become a scratch golfer, I have learned that golf is a metaphor for business.There are many components to a golf swing: club, grip, speed, angle, footing, and yes, clarity. Put all those things together, clear your mind, and execute your swing.And just like golf, as a business entrepreneur, I also know many things have to come together before I can execute: sales, marketing, social media, PR, budgets, forecasts, trends. Just to name a few. When everything falls into place, I gain clarity, and I am able to follow through. Kind of sounds like life, doesn’t it?Think Box Concepts was born out of the desire to help your business or company bring all of those things together to help you execute well. We assist small to medium-sized companies with new and goal-oriented marketing campaigns. This enables you to stay focused on customer retention, number crunching, and improving daily operations.As an entrepreneur myself, I have a passion for helping you succeed. I’ve been called an “idea man” in my circle of peers, which I take as a huge compliment. Think Box takes great ideas and merges them with innovative design, branding, technology, sales, and leadership. We get the sales, marketing, and IT departments talking to each other and working together to increase brand awareness and the bottom line. More than a concept, Think Box is your integrated plan for success.

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