D Consult is a young company with a grand mission. We are primarily composed of working professionals that accrued the vast majority of their work experience in the United States. After many years of contracting in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area we relocated to Eastern Europe. We started our Bulgarian-based business in late 2009. To our clients, this decision to relocate was an even better reason to continue working with us. Due to the strong American economy, our relocation to Europe means that we can now offer more competitive rates than ever before. The excellent technical skills that we built while in the United States are only part of the story. The aforementioned years spent in the US give us not only a perfect linguistic link to our clients, but an even better connection: a cultural one. We understand and value the ideals that make business thrive out West, and increasingly, all over the world. Our mission is to make our clients successful, and through their success, achieve an elite level of Professional Services offerings that we can provide as a company.

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